Why You Shouldn’t Use the Rubmap

You may have heard by now that the New England Patriots esteemed owner Robert Kraft was busted for soliciting sexual favors in an Asian Massage Parlor in Jupiter, Florida.  He did this on the exact day of the game that his team played in Kansas City versus the Chiefs to go to the Super Bowl!  This story has gotten main stream media attention due to the aspect of human trafficking involved and people are up in arms over the whole ordeal.  Be that as it may, sites like Rubmaps are continuing to talk about these places where you can get happy endings and they are guiding men of all walks of life into these doldrums so they can get sexual favors from women who are sometimes probably not happy about their work arrangement.

RubMaps Helps Customers Find Hand Jobs

The Site Rubmaps, which is really broken down well on this page (https://www.sexdatingapps.com/rubmaps-review/) is essentially a paid forum where men can exchange ideas and reviews of local massage houses.  The reviews are said to get graphic!  They said they talk about sexual activity going on inside these places, and guys literally break down their entire exchanges with these women, including how they paid them, what they were able to do, and how the parking situation was.  (This is all posted online in other sites, just taking their words for it.)

It’s said that the FBI used this site to find the Orchids of Asia Day Spa, the one that Robert Kraft used, along with many other men who were named in the report.

This tells me there is danger signing up for sites like Rubmaps.  Extreme danger.  Do you really want your name, email address, and credit card number associated with a site like that?  Even if you are curious, or just “lurking” like they say in forum banter, you are still connected with that site – forever.

I, for one, like getting hand jobs.  I’m a man.  But I’m not going to put my life, reputation, and well being in the community at risk by soliciting sex in a country where it is not legal to do so.

While the deeper concern here is that there is perhaps some forced human trafficking going on in some parts of the USA, I totally get that.  Many women are promised employment in the USA only to find out they have been coaxed into some International sex scandal where they will be locked in a room with people and ordered to do sexual things to them to pay their carriers back for getting them into the USA.  This happens, and it’s very sad.

On the other hand, I’m all for agreed upon sexual favors happening.  If prostitution is consensual and without pimping involved, I think whatever two consenting adults agree to do for a fee is fine.  In fact, I’m very firm in that stance.  However, when it’s forced upon someone…..not cool.

The biggest thing I see going on here is the continued promotion of sites like Rubmaps.com.  When these sites are out there essentially promoting this lifestyle, these decisions, and the ways people can get off, it’s not a good look.  It’s aiding and abetting, in my opinion.

We’ll see what happens to Mr. Kraft.  Stay present.  Stay aware.

Choosing Adult Dating Apps Wisely

You’ve seen it through the pop-ups ads, you’ve heard it from your friends, and it’s time to try out the more exciting way to find someone for your lonely life. Dating does become a whole lot easier when all you have to do is scroll through your phone, and swipe right when you come cross someone who you would do things to in the bed you dare not mention aloud. Let’s not forget the romantic dates and cuddling that comes along with dating. To be able to hold the hottie you saw on your phone in your arms, you need to make sure that a) he is in fact real and b) he is not some weird stalker who you’ll find sniffing your undies in the middle of the night.

How to Choose a Reputable Dating App

To avoid any of these awkward situations, you need to make sure that you are using a safe platform in order to find the person of your dreams. You may be looking for a wild night or you may be looking for someone to commit to for the rest of your life. An excellent app will let you find attractive people within your town or neighborhood. You should also be able to decide how big the radius is e.g. 100-200 km.

Getting It On
If your app is worth a damn, you’ll be getting it on in no time!

One of the first things you need to be aware of when it comes to online dating is how secured and trust worthy the site really is. You should be able to keep all your information classified, so that in case you do run into a creep, he won’t hunt you down to your house. Along with safety of you, comes safety in terms of fake profiles. Many good apps like Huggle, Badoo and Clover require you to login through your Facebook and Instagram accounts, to verify your reliability and of course, that you aren’t a robot. It decreases the chances of you meeting someone who looks like a supermodel, but is not. These apps make sure that you link your account through phone numbers, and even live photo verification to avoid catfishes.

The best place to see if a certain app is good, or bad, is Adult Dating in 2018 – the Best Hook Up Apps for Sex.

When apps are secure, they need to have a friendly user interface, a good and easy navigation, and an attractive layout. The app of your choice should have a search bar, where you can input your preferences about appearance, like, tall, blonde, Caucasian. All the hot blondes in your area will only be then visible and you can select the woman or man of your liking. Sites like AdultFriendFinder and even XMatch ask basic questions concerning your interests in people’s ethnicity, ages and gender in order to filter through the database and find you attractive people to your liking.

You like bondage but you are hesitant about mentioning it to the person you really liked online. Check to see if they are part of the BDSM Fanatics group! Sites that offer grouping can make life much easier as you can find people who are into the same stuff as you easily, and without making it awkward. People can come together and share their experiences and interest, making you at ease. This way you find people interested in playing out the same fantasies as you, who share the same fetishes and even kinks. Make sure to find the best app that provides you with security, a community, and a good website design.

Ranking Snapsext Vs. Other Adult Dating Sites

Are you keen on finding a sexual experience that is satisfying and fun at the same time? Even though there are probably a hundred different adult dating websites on the internet, very few are actually worth looking into. The thing with adult sites is that they should not shy away from providing adult material. By entering an adult site, you should ideally be greeted by explicit content and singles that are wild and crazy for sex.

If you are looking for these kinds of people, then snapsext is your best bet. It is an adult version of the popular snapchat application that allows users to share their pictures with other members and the pictures are deleted after a certain time period. In snapsext, things are similar only that they are adult in nature mostly.

Snapsext has become a brand new society on the internet that has attracted thousands of hot singles from across the globe in one place. Adult singles here do not shy away from sharing sexy photos or videos and you are in for a treat by using it.

With snapsext, never expect your experience to be casual. This is a place meant for hardcore singles who are hungry for great sex and are ready to hookup immediately. So if you are looking for hot singles who are ready to get laid, get this app today and get started with your journey towards no strings attached fun and satisfying sex.

Snapsext is a very simple application. All it requires from you is to sign up and start using the application. You’ll have to add a bit of information about yourself to increase your chances of success but the real deal comes when you start trading your nude photos and videos with other members on the platform.

Even though snapsext is free to use for everyone, but you’ll have to unlock its advanced features if you are serious about getting multiple times laid in a single month. Advanced features let you set up your profile in a way that it becomes attractive and is displayed at the top of every member in the search engine.

The advance features also let you tweak privacy settings so everyone on the platform cannot view your private photos or videos. Only members that you have allowed will be able to view them under your supervision. So if you are looking for a great time, snapsext is definitely worth a shot.

So what are my credentials on rating these sites?  Well, I wish I would have found this dating advice site, because it really broke down all the bits and pieces I needed to know so I could enter the adult dating game with two feet firmly planted.  They offer reviews of the best – and worst – sites.  I’ve literally studied it up and down, back and forth.  If you check out their review of snapsext, you’ll find that they share a lot of the same feelings I do.

Ideas for Your First Date With an Older Woman

The idea for a good first date may vary from person to person. This is generally because there are different kinds of people around with a variation of tastes and preferences, through a plethora of different interests, hobbies etc. If you two have already come to the idea of going on a date together then that signals that the two of you have perhaps met some common ground which does in fact establish that maybe you have found some platform where you are both comfortable.

Today, we’ll speak about dating an older woman and where to take her for a top notch experience.

Dating an Older Woman – Where to Go?

It would be a good bet to further build up on this very idea. It would go on to show that you have actually been paying attention to her and that is a dealmaker for stimulating things in the right direction. It should not be too demanding to incorporate creativity into the plan whilst maintaining a flow.

For instance, if you are both fond of reading and perhaps met up in the library or a book shop, then needless to say it is clear that you both enjoy reading and exploring books. This does not mean that you are required to stage an entire date within the public library. Instead, you could choose a comfy little coffee shop, one of the kinds where you are invited to grab a book off the shelf and absorb into reading.

In such a setup, you wouldn’t be required to keep your voices dropped down to whispers throughout the whole time you are there, which is generally what would happen in the library. However, in a coffee shop, you would have the freedom to laugh, talk, eat, drink and sit on a cozy little couch with your favorite books.  Plus, this is a setting that a more mature woman would probably be more comfortable with.

If there is a new book just coming out that you have both been looking forward to, you could both go together to get your first exclusive copies of the new release and it would be something that you would both be looking forward to and be excited about. It would attach positive feelings to the two of you being together and doing things that you both enjoy. Also, it would remind her of you every time she looks at the book or picks it up to read. You want to be the person she is most excited about with regard to discussing her new favorite book. Establishing such common ground will serve to strengthen the foundations of the two of you getting to know each other.

Now, the hard part is meeting older women.  I meet most of mine at a site called Milf Play.  I liked it because I saw an unbiased review at this site – MilfPlay.net – Reviews and dating experiences.  I found it a wealth of information.

The “Touristy” First Date

Who says you have to go abroad to get a real taste of adventure or woo a woman? If you and your date are looking for some fun and exploring, the best idea is to explore your own city.

This makes for a perfect date because it is a unique idea and it involves the excitement of exploring an area. What could be more fun and affordable than mapping out an entire adventure in your own city? The best way to plan this is to go through carefully selected sights and monuments in the city, where both of you get to add your input in where to go (a great way to bond) and decide to explore it together. Take a map of your city and sit down with your date, marking all the places you want to visit. You can share some fun, exciting stories about your memories from that place and listen to hers, to get a glimpse of her life as well. If not, you both could end up learning a lot about the history of a place and imitate a good vacation abroad. They say if you really want to know a person, then you should travel with them. In this scenario you do get to travel and not very far, ensuring that both of you have a fun, relaxed time.

To make this adventure even more exciting, you can suggest ‘restaurant hopping’. This means that when it is time for both of you to eat, don’t end the adventure and actually continue it in terms of food. Select one place for drinks or starters and move on to another place for the main course and another place for the dessert! This is great way to keep the night going and to not get bored. It is also a great getting-to-know-each other technique as you can discuss your favourite cuisines and get to try them together. Instead of a steady dinner where you stay at the same restaurant, you’re opting for a palate adventure that enables her to see your fun, relaxed side. Even you do not plan exploring an area in the city you can still carry out the restaurant hopping plan. In this way, you successfully turn a normal dinner plan in to something of an intimate adventure. This also gives you more time to spend with your date. What better way to bond than to bond over food!



What Guys Should Prepare Before Going Out For A Date?


Many people had mistakes in their first date and I bet you don’t want it to happen for yourself. If you are well prepared in dating and the possible things that you should not forget, then you would probably call it a night and get what you want at the end of the day.

Here are the following list that you should prepare before you go out for a date.

  1. Never Forget to Take A Bath – the first thing that you should do is to take a bath, don’t forget that this is your first date and it should be perfect. Stay cool and look fresh, this is one of the reasons of how to make a girl like you, so make the most of it.
  2. Wear Clean Clothes – if possible, make sure you get your clothes washed and ironed. This will make you look good and keep your image neat until the end of your date.
  3. Use Body Spray or Cologne – get your cologne or body spray and stay fresh. The more you look decent, cool, fresh, smell good and confident, the more you get good points to your date. Remember that girls would love to be with a guy that has a humor, knows how to bring up the conversation, fresh, cool, confident and smells good. This is one of the secrets why girls love to date guys, especially when they are good enough to make them smile.
  4. datingUse Deodorant – everyone has their own body scent and whether its good or not. You should use a deodorant to make sure that you will feel confident and smell good while on your date. This would also help boost your confidence because you don’t have to think twice or get stressed with a wet armpit, so don’t forget to prepare your things and make sure you put your scented deodorant on.
  5. Wear Decent Clothes – people have their own style of clothes and if you are going out for a date, then you should wear decent clothes. You should always remember that girls don’t want to get embarrassed so be gentle and show her that you’re the man.
  6. Be Confident – one of the worst things that you don’t want to happen in a date is to get stuck and freeze, so keep up the confidence and tell what you want to express to your date. You can always show your affection, gentlemen, humor and of course the confident is very important. It will keep you up and open until the end of the day. Not just that, this will also help you get the courage to tell your date in what you really feel about her.
  7. Don’t Forget Your Cash – whether you are going out for a cheap or expensive date, you should be prepared at all times that money is always needed in dating. Yes, girls can be really expensive so make sure its worth for the price you pay. Never leave a date without calling it a night and believe to achieve what you expect.

When you are done and prepared with these following list, you can now date with your favorite girl at anywhere you wish to bring her. You may bring her in romantic garden, elegant restaurant, star gazing, tour in a place where you can see the beauty of nature and etc. whatever you are up to, you should bring the girl to a date that matches her personality and interest. This would probably make her love you even more.

If you aren’t ready to take these steps and become a man, then you should just take the easy way out and hire an escort service. This way you can go out without any expectations of having to behave or anything like that.  While escorts may be pricey, you won’t have to worry about making her fall in love with you.