The “Touristy” First Date

Who says you have to go abroad to get a real taste of adventure or woo a woman? If you and your date are looking for some fun and exploring, the best idea is to explore your own city.

This makes for a perfect date because it is a unique idea and it involves the excitement of exploring an area. What could be more fun and affordable than mapping out an entire adventure in your own city? The best way to plan this is to go through carefully selected sights and monuments in the city, where both of you get to add your input in where to go (a great way to bond) and decide to explore it together. Take a map of your city and sit down with your date, marking all the places you want to visit. You can share some fun, exciting stories about your memories from that place and listen to hers, to get a glimpse of her life as well. If not, you both could end up learning a lot about the history of a place and imitate a good vacation abroad. They say if you really want to know a person, then you should travel with them. In this scenario you do get to travel and not very far, ensuring that both of you have a fun, relaxed time.

To make this adventure even more exciting, you can suggest ‘restaurant hopping’. This means that when it is time for both of you to eat, don’t end the adventure and actually continue it in terms of food. Select one place for drinks or starters and move on to another place for the main course and another place for the dessert! This is great way to keep the night going and to not get bored. It is also a great getting-to-know-each other technique as you can discuss your favourite cuisines and get to try them together. Instead of a steady dinner where you stay at the same restaurant, you’re opting for a palate adventure that enables her to see your fun, relaxed side. Even you do not plan exploring an area in the city you can still carry out the restaurant hopping plan. In this way, you successfully turn a normal dinner plan in to something of an intimate adventure. This also gives you more time to spend with your date. What better way to bond than to bond over food! All Rights Reserved. 2015.