What Guys Should Prepare Before Going Out For A Date?


Many people had mistakes in their first date and I bet you don’t want it to happen for yourself. If you are well prepared in dating and the possible things that you should not forget, then you would probably call it a night and get what you want at the end of the day.

Here are the following list that you should prepare before you go out for a date.

  1. Never Forget to Take A Bath – the first thing that you should do is to take a bath, don’t forget that this is your first date and it should be perfect. Stay cool and look fresh, this is one of the reasons of how to make a girl like you, so make the most of it.
  2. Wear Clean Clothes – if possible, make sure you get your clothes washed and ironed. This will make you look good and keep your image neat until the end of your date.
  3. Use Body Spray or Cologne – get your cologne or body spray and stay fresh. The more you look decent, cool, fresh, smell good and confident, the more you get good points to your date. Remember that girls would love to be with a guy that has a humor, knows how to bring up the conversation, fresh, cool, confident and smells good. This is one of the secrets why girls love to date guys, especially when they are good enough to make them smile.
  4. datingUse Deodorant – everyone has their own body scent and whether its good or not. You should use a deodorant to make sure that you will feel confident and smell good while on your date. This would also help boost your confidence because you don’t have to think twice or get stressed with a wet armpit, so don’t forget to prepare your things and make sure you put your scented deodorant on.
  5. Wear Decent Clothes – people have their own style of clothes and if you are going out for a date, then you should wear decent clothes. You should always remember that girls don’t want to get embarrassed so be gentle and show her that you’re the man.
  6. Be Confident – one of the worst things that you don’t want to happen in a date is to get stuck and freeze, so keep up the confidence and tell what you want to express to your date. You can always show your affection, gentlemen, humor and of course the confident is very important. It will keep you up and open until the end of the day. Not just that, this will also help you get the courage to tell your date in what you really feel about her.
  7. Don’t Forget Your Cash – whether you are going out for a cheap or expensive date, you should be prepared at all times that money is always needed in dating. Yes, girls can be really expensive so make sure its worth for the price you pay. Never leave a date without calling it a night and believe to achieve what you expect.

When you are done and prepared with these following list, you can now date with your favorite girl at anywhere you wish to bring her. You may bring her in romantic garden, elegant restaurant, star gazing, tour in a place where you can see the beauty of nature and etc. whatever you are up to, you should bring the girl to a date that matches her personality and interest. This would probably make her love you even more.

If you aren’t ready to take these steps and become a man, then you should just take the easy way out and hire an escort service. This way you can go out without any expectations of having to behave or anything like that.  While escorts may be pricey, you won’t have to worry about making her fall in love with you.


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