Why You Shouldn’t Use the Rubmap

You may have heard by now that the New England Patriots esteemed owner Robert Kraft was busted for soliciting sexual favors in an Asian Massage Parlor in Jupiter, Florida.  He did this on the exact day of the game that his team played in Kansas City versus the Chiefs to go to the Super Bowl!  This story has gotten main stream media attention due to the aspect of human trafficking involved and people are up in arms over the whole ordeal.  Be that as it may, sites like Rubmaps are continuing to talk about these places where you can get happy endings and they are guiding men of all walks of life into these doldrums so they can get sexual favors from women who are sometimes probably not happy about their work arrangement.

RubMaps Helps Customers Find Hand Jobs

The Site Rubmaps, which is really broken down well on this page (https://www.sexdatingapps.com/rubmaps-review/) is essentially a paid forum where men can exchange ideas and reviews of local massage houses.  The reviews are said to get graphic!  They said they talk about sexual activity going on inside these places, and guys literally break down their entire exchanges with these women, including how they paid them, what they were able to do, and how the parking situation was.  (This is all posted online in other sites, just taking their words for it.)

It’s said that the FBI used this site to find the Orchids of Asia Day Spa, the one that Robert Kraft used, along with many other men who were named in the report.

This tells me there is danger signing up for sites like Rubmaps.  Extreme danger.  Do you really want your name, email address, and credit card number associated with a site like that?  Even if you are curious, or just “lurking” like they say in forum banter, you are still connected with that site – forever.

I, for one, like getting hand jobs.  I’m a man.  But I’m not going to put my life, reputation, and well being in the community at risk by soliciting sex in a country where it is not legal to do so.

While the deeper concern here is that there is perhaps some forced human trafficking going on in some parts of the USA, I totally get that.  Many women are promised employment in the USA only to find out they have been coaxed into some International sex scandal where they will be locked in a room with people and ordered to do sexual things to them to pay their carriers back for getting them into the USA.  This happens, and it’s very sad.

On the other hand, I’m all for agreed upon sexual favors happening.  If prostitution is consensual and without pimping involved, I think whatever two consenting adults agree to do for a fee is fine.  In fact, I’m very firm in that stance.  However, when it’s forced upon someone…..not cool.

The biggest thing I see going on here is the continued promotion of sites like Rubmaps.com.  When these sites are out there essentially promoting this lifestyle, these decisions, and the ways people can get off, it’s not a good look.  It’s aiding and abetting, in my opinion.

We’ll see what happens to Mr. Kraft.  Stay present.  Stay aware.

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